Can you do home visits?
These can be arranged in special circumstances if you are within a ten mile radius of my home. I do charge extra to cover petrol and traveling time.

What are your charges?
From 2018 I have decided to keep things simple and charge £40 per hour.  A single half hour session will be £25.  An initial homoeopathic consultation lasts an hour and a half and most people choose to have an hour for reflexology or massage.  Reflexology can also be combined with massage which is especially effective for shoulder and back problems.

I have a problem with my foot but would like to try reflexology.
The same reflex points are situated on the hands so I can work on the hand instead of the affected foot.

I have ticklish feet. Is it worth me trying reflexology?
Yes. The pressure used is firm and actually is not tickly at all.

I’m still unsure whether any of these treatments will suit me.
In such cases I can do a free 20 minute demonstration session to give you some idea of how I work.