Crepitus in neck:

July 2018 Hazel, Bradford on Avon

I’ve had no creaking in my neck since I last saw you.  The tightness across my neck and shoulders is much better, as is my jaw.  Thank you!


Plantar Fasciitis:

November 2014  AS, Bath

Having suffered from plantar fasciitis for two years, and tried all the recommended strengthening and stretch exercises for this, I decided to give reflexology a go and was recommended to see Karen.  After the first two sessions I felt an enormous improvement with lots of subtle changes in my posture taking place.  I have had another session since and continue to improve every day and am confident that another session or two will have me back to my old self – thank goodness.  Anyone with any chronic condition really should give reflexology, and nerve reflexology, a go.



Neck and Back Pain:

July 2013  Mark, Melksham

A couple of years ago I saw Karen for a neck problem that was leading to pain in my arm.  After two sessions of nerve reflexology and massage there was a huge improvement.  When I started getting low back problems I thought I’d give it another try.  Physio and osteopathy had not really helped.  What do I say to sceptics?  Is it a coincidence that each time I try her treatment I feel better in a day or two.  I don’t know how it works but I have an open mind and it works for me!  And my feet feel like new after too.

Head Pain and Nerve Reflexology:
‘I went to see Karen after reading an article in the local paper about a particular type of reflexology she does called “Nerve Reflexology”. I’d been suffering with a pain in my forehead above my right eyebrow that wasn’t responding to painkillers.
After just one session when she had worked on a point on the foot for part of the trigeminal nerve, I woke the next morning without my head pain. My forehead felt much less tender to touch and my sinuses seemed to have drained. Sneezing had been a real problem because it aggravated the pain but this symptom disappeared too. Three more treatments sorted the problem completely.
Vince, Dilton Marsh

Stress and Anxiety:
‘I first met Karen when she treated a close relative who was suffering from shingles and I was immediately taken with her warmth and compassion and her vast knowledge of both homeopathy and reflexology. (Karen regularly attends seminars around the country to keep building up her knowledge). So, when I was diagnosed as suffering from stress/anxiety, I had no hesitation in going to Karen. After spending time discussing my symptoms, Karen suggested that Reflexology might be more suitable for me. The session was probably the most relaxing hour I have ever had! Karen backed up this treatment with a Homeopathy remedy to take away with me. I couldnʼt believe how quickly I started to feel better! I went back the following week for a second session and am now well on the way to getting back to my old self again and extremely glad that I hadnʼt taken the pills offered by my doctor!’
SR, Trowbridge

Sinus Problems:
‘Having suffered with sinus problems for all of my adult life and taken various medications from doctors and the pharmacist to no avail, I visited Karen for reflexology as a last resort. I was amazed to find that after just three sessions, my sinuses had really improved and now all of the symptoms have disappeared. I have continued with the sessions as not only do I find it relaxing, it is now even helping greatly with my menopausal symptoms!’
Jane 54, Yate

Glue Ear and Homoeopathy:
‘Karen treated my two year old for glue ear and constant colds with recurrent conjunctivitis. He had failed two hearing tests and had been referred to a consultant for grommets.
The homoeopathic remedy worked like a miracle. The day after taking it his nose streamed for several hours and two days on his sinuses were much clearer. A subsequent test showed that his hearing had improved significantly and we didn’t need to go ahead with the grommets.
LD, Wiltshire

Toddler with Ear Infections:
‘My 15 month old daughter suffered with 4 ear infections in 4 months, she was generally unhappy and very clingy, unsettled during the night where she would not settle on her own, and would constantly hold and pull at her ears. On each occasion she was given anti-biotics which initially worked but soon wore off.
I decided to visit Karen Newton to see if homeopathy would help. Karen prescribed my daughter Pulsatilla and within 2 days I noticed a big change. She was less clingy and happier during the day. She did not pull at her ears at all and her sleep pattern went back to normal, which made a big difference to the whole family.
I was pleased with such a quick response to the homeopathy, and relieved that my daughter did not have to take any more prescribed medication from the doctor.
Lucy, Melksham

Muscle Spasm in Shoulder:

December 2012  Madelaine, Bradford on Avon

A big thank you for the massage and reflexology treatment on the muscle spasm in my shoulder.  It felt better immediately and whereas the previous mornings I had been waking up in total agony, the morning after seeing you I woke up feeling normal again!

 Anxiety, light headedness, palpitations and extreme tiredness:
‘In September 2007 I had a thyroid test following symptoms of anxiety, light headedness, palpitations and extreme tiredness. The results showed I was borderline hypothyroid and the doctor advised another test in three months. If there was no change I would need thyroxine. On advice from Karen I had regular reflexology sessions concentrating on the thyroid reflexes and researched kelp and L-tyrosine supplements. I began to feel a lot better after six weeks and the subsequent blood test results were satisfactory. I’m really pleased that I don’t have to go down the thyroxine route and I’m grateful to Karen for helping me feel so much better without resorting to drugs.’
Maureen, Wiltshire